Last updated
30 December 2020

Privacy Policy

Smart Comic Reader is an offline and private experience. We are committed to protecting your privacy.

The only network related features are native to iOS and subject to Apple’s own privacy policy:

Synchronization of your comic collection is optional and implemented using iCloud. We can not access or see any data or files synced to your iCloud account, or any data associated with your iCloud account in general. You can turn off iCloud for the app in the iCloud settings of iOS.

We only collect logs through iOS’s built-in crash reporter. These logs do not contain data about your comic collection or any other personal data. Sharing of logs can be turned off in the privacy settings of iOS.

The app makes a one-time call to Apple servers to fetch a decryption key needed to unlock the panel detection. After that, the app can work completely offline.

The free comic available for download is hosted on the App Store, just like the app itself.