Smart Comic Reader


Easily move between panels.

Smart Reader

Automatically zoom in and move between panels for a smooth reading experience. Make maximum use of your screen.

Comic Support

Works with any comic, western or manga, no matter the art style. Panels do not need well-defined edges or gutters to be detected.

Stay In Control

Always stay in control. The app intentionally doesn't cut out panels so you can always manually zoom and pan.

Comic Collection

Import comics from anywhere and organize your comic collection. Keep track of recently opened comics and reading progress. Organize your comics into folders.

iCloud Drive

Comics are stored in a simple folder on your iCloud Drive to save storage space and keep your collection accessible and in sync across devices.

File Formats

Supports comics in .cbz, .cbr and .pdf formats. Imported .zip and .rar files will be converted to .cbz and .cbr respectively.